• James M. O'Flaherty

    James M. O'Flaherty

    Daddy, writer, entrepreneur, INFJ, exhausted empath, COVID Long-Hauler, rose-colored dreamer. John Lennon in a world of Pete Bests.

  • Varian Ross

    Varian Ross

    Horror author and poet, published with Horror Tree and Ghost Orchid Press

  • Donafox


  • Shamrockwriter (Cindy O’Quinn)

    Shamrockwriter (Cindy O’Quinn)

  • Jake Ludington

    Jake Ludington

    Video blogger, freelance copywriter, pinball junkie, runner, author, and dad who loves to write. http://www.jakeludington.com

  • Nicholas Ahlhelm

    Nicholas Ahlhelm

    Superhero novelist. Wrestling afficianado. Old school gamer. Books at Amazon: amzn.to/2OXodI9. Get everything first at patreon.com/ahlhelm

  • Alp Beck

    Alp Beck

    Alp Beck lives in New York City. She writes in all genres but prefers horror. Her essays have been featured in the NY Times and the NY Blade.

  • C.C. Winchester

    C.C. Winchester

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